Detailed Survey on Proposed 2016 BAFS Curriculum

Important massage from Mr Tai Ming Kee, Chaieman:

Dear BAFS teachers,

Questionnaires have been collected by the EDB from all BAFS Subject Panels in December 2012.  The design of the EDB questionnaire mainly focuses on the major sections of the curriculum and detailed opinions on each sub-section may not be revealed.  Furthermore, some questions on the system level have not been asked. Now we like to seek your assistance to complete a more detailed survey on the Proposed 2016 BAFS Curriculum as a supplement to the previous survey.

The questionnaire should be completed by each BAFS teacher in the school and returned on or before 18 January 2013 Friday by email the questionnaire to  Please act promptly since the analysis of the survey will be forwarded to the CDC-HKEAA Subject Committee for consideration in the meeting at the end of January.

All information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of BAFS review.  No information on individual teachers will be revealed.

HKABE_Survey for the review of BAFS

Message to all BAFS Teachers_Survey on Curriculum Review